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Candle Swizzle Stick/ The Wick Dipper

Candle Swizzle Stick/ The Wick Dipper

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You can't have a cocktail without a swizzle stick. Well, I thought the same would go for our candles. Now we have the Candle Swizzle Stick/The Wick Dipper. These one of a kind, hand made dippers allows you to dip the wick into the melt pool to extinguish the flame.  Why, you may ask???  For 2 reasons.  

For one, the flame is put out immediately and as opposed to blowing out or snuffing out, it fully extinguishes the flame which eliminates smoke and soot, and that burning smell afterward.  Secondly, it re-coats your wick in the wax which will add hours to your candle.  BE SURE TO STAND YOUR WICK BACK UPRIGHT.

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